Nadim Kassar actively participated in the expansion strategy of Fransabank Group whether in Lebanon or abroad which so far have unfolded exactly as intended to comprise:
  • The acquisition and merger of Universal Bank sal, where he acted as Chairman during the merger.
  • The acquisition of BLC Bank where he currently is the Chairman and General Manager of BLC Bank sal.
  • He is the Founder, Chairman (from April 2001 till June 2014) and currently Board Member of Fransa Invest Bank sal, the investment arm of Fransabank sal.
  • He is the Founder and Chairman of Fransabank El Djazaїr spa, Algeria, the 1st and only Lebanese bank in Algeria.
  • He is the Co-Manager of A.A.Kassar (France) sarl, a subsidiary of A.A.Kassar sal – Lebanon.
  • He is the General Manager of A.A.Kassar sal – Lebanon, a trading and an investment company.
  • He is the Deputy Chairman of Société Financière du Liban sal, a Lebanese financial institution whose main operations is focused on the Lebanese Treasury Bills, where it is mainly active in the secondary market and swap operations.
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